Soft & fluffy affirmation cards for kids. Mantraa co affirmation deck on top of affirmation cards with mint green background.
Soft & Fluffy affirmation deck to help you not be so hard on yourself from Mantraa Co
Soft & Fluffy affirmation deck to help you not be so hard on yourself from Mantraa Co


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Celebrate the small wins in life.

The Soft & Fluffy Affirmation Deck features:

  • 30 affirmation cards to help kids learn to not be so hard on themselves.
  • Each card features an affirmation and super cute original artwork.
  • Each affirmation is chosen specifically to reflect on getting through the day.
  • A tiny easel to display a card on your desk or anywhere where you see it often.


Some days are tougher than others. For those days, we can either try to ignore everything and hope it gets better, or we can take a moment to find the good in it all. Soft & Fluffy affirmation cards are perfect for kids and adults to practice self care and create a positive experience every day.

In this deck, you will find 30 affirmation cards that have been designed to remind you and your kids that every day has its ups and downs but we have the power to choose which one to focus on. By using these affirmation cards daily, you'll have a more positive outlook towards everyday situations and strengthen your self-confidence.

All Mantraa Co. affirmation cards have a 100% money-back guarantee. If you used them, and they didn't help you, don't worry. You can return them and we'll give you your money back. That's how confident we are that they will help you.

So if you're looking for a new addition to spend a few minutes improving your kid's self-confidence, look no further than Soft & Fluffy Affirmation Cards.

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Mantraa Co


Because they make a difference. Because we all deserve to feel good. Because we've experienced what it feels like to let negative thoughts take over our minds. Affirmations worked for us, and we're devoting our time to help others while creating fun products.



No matter what anyone says, you can love yourself for being exactly who you are. We want you to celebrate the beautiful person you are because a smile looks so good on you.


Anything and everything needs maintenance and you're no exception love. We encourage spending time developing yourself and enjoying what makes you happy.


If you don't feel better after using your Mantraa Co products, we'll be happy to make it right for you. Reach us on our social channels or email us at and we'll take care of it. We want to make sure you're happy whether you loved our products or happy that you at least tried it.