I love my cards. It didn’t take long to be connected with them. And also seem to connect with my other cards instantly. I’m so glad I have them and I’m keeping them for a long time!


My kids love using this deck everyday. They actually come to me to let me know its time to pick cards.


I set up a cute little table by the window so the sun could shine through & I had my daughter pull a few cards so we could talk about them. It really helped open up positive dialog & we walked away from our little spot feeling refreshed & recharged!


My son had a “Ruff” start this morning so I looked for a card to motivate him. I placed it along side of him and waited for him to notice it! He was immediately amused “Mom this is how I was feeling.. I got this. It’s ok !”

Mantraa Co

To help you love your inner voice.

Everything we create is made to make your day better. We know it gets tough sometimes, and but we want to be the friend that's there to remind you that you matter and you are worthy.


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Get all three affirmation decks released when we launched at a discount. (compared to buying them separately)

  • Soft & Fluffy - Stop being so hard on yourself and celebrate the small wins each day.
  • Energy - Get in tune with your spirituality to feel more at peace with every moment.

  • ClearGet rid of self-doubt and gain the confidence to take on the big goals that will better your life.


Affirmation cards are cards with sentences written on them. These sentences are positive statements that you read or say to yourself. By doing so, you help train your sub-conscience so your thoughts start aligning with the affirmations you are reading.

We are always using affirmations. The little voice in your head is constantly talking, and sometimes it can go down a bad path. That's where affirmations come into play. By consciously thinking positive thoughts, you help guide your mind towards happier more productive thoughts. In return, you will start to see more opportunities and have a better outlook everything. 

Very real. Your brain takes in way more information than it thinks you need. To fix this, it carefully chooses what it thinks you need to know. Like when you want to buy a car or pair of shoes. Once your brain notices you want it, you suddenly see them everywhere. They were there the whole time, your brain just ignored them until you made it think it was important to know where they are.

Affirmations work the same way. By focusing your mind on positive statements, your brain starts showing you that they are true. Little by little, this will become your new normal, which will lead to a happier mood.

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